Posted on March 10, 2012


Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives

Social media can be similar to a black hole, slowly sucking away precious time and energy.  Social media time management is a challenge to almost every small businessperson I work with or find participating in the many social media and personal branding workshops I teach or take part in.  Although social media can have a tremendous impact on a business, it also has the potential to drain time, money and resources from a business, especially a small business, if it is not used efficiently and effectively.  Social media marketing is part of an overall marketing effort and must not consume more resources than it is worth.

The first step in saving time and avoiding the black hole is to develop a social media marketing plan that (1) sets specific short- and long-term goals (they all don’t have to be financial); (2) outlines the strategies that will achieve specific goals; (3)…

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