Title Page

  • A beautiful night in Downtown Detroit

    Where’s the most exciting, the best place to live in Metro Detroit?

  • What’s it like to actually live there?
  • The neighborhood…what’s it like?
  • Where are the well known and not so well known hot spots in the area?
  • Where do I go shopping, for entertaining, dining and more?
  • What move in specials is available?


These questions and more will be answered in a new TV show that will highlight apartment and loft living in Detroit.

Detroit offers so much more than what is seen in the main media. This show will highlight the best of what we have to offer. The positive aspect of living in Metropolitan Detroit is what will be highlighted and shown.

It will show not only our best apartments, and lofts available for rent, but also give a perspective of what’s it like to actually live there. As stated above where do you go for shopping, dining, entertaining and the like?


If you’re an apartment or loft owner, manager, this will give you a chance to show off what you have to offer to potential renters.

What will we ask for in return?

That our host/hostess live in your dwelling for one month free, and that will include lights and gas, and water.

For more information contact

Robert Spiller at 313-685-7228 or email at gorearlbobby@gmail.com

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