How to Turn Anything from Adequate to Amazing – Bill Taylor – Harvard Business Review

Posted on May 13, 2011


How to Turn Anything from Adequate to Amazing – Bill Taylor – Harvard Business Review

This article starts out talking about an amazing PARKING GARAGE (yep you heard that right, and what’s more amazing is that the top 2 floors rent out for $15,000 a night, but he ends on a positive and powerful note about a local venue here in Metro Detroit.

Henry Ford West Bloomfield is the spot.  He says in part….As I learned more about this remarkable facility, I couldn’t help but think about another remarkable facility I visited a year or so ago, and about which I’ve written before. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, 30 minutes from downtown Detroit, is to health care what 1111 Lincoln Road is to parking garages. The hospital resembles a northern Michigan vacation lodge, on a 160-acre campus with rolling woods, scenic wetlands, and a pond. All 300 rooms (the first 200 of which opened in March 2009) are private and designed to accommodate family members who wish to stay overnight. The hospital’s glass-topped atrium features cobblestone streets complete with a day spa for patients and families and an indoor farmer’s market with fresh produce, flowers, and baked goods. There’s a concierge to help families with errands and a high tea every afternoon at 4:00 PM.

And there’s much more.  Read and enjoy